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Flowerade first came to me as a start-up company with only a logo and a package. From there, I was given free reign over developing the identity of the brand!


The Flowerade esthetic is based from natural and organic ingredients like herbs, honey, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes - leaving consumers feeling refreshed and understood.


Today the product line has launched and the full identity has been established. Complete with 2 websites (1 ecommerce), 3 social media profiles and

a plethora of blogs, content and branding materials. 

Year:      2022-2023

Title:     Brand & Marketing Director

Reference: Kyle Lindley/Owner


Untitled design (25).png
Untitled design (27).png


  • Website design

  • Brand ideation, design & consistency 

  • Manage content writer & social media coordinator

  • Manage blog content & calendar

  • Campaign Management

  • Strategize social media calendars & esthetics

  • Micro-influencer management

  • Graphics & content management

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